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5 Ways to Fit More in a Day

by Phil on June 10, 2013

  1. Write out or review your schedule the night beforehand. The biggest time-wasters are in those gaps between scheduled activities. That doesn’t mean you have to be strict about being productive every minute. The purpose is to be aware of moments you CAN be productive. For instance, that call you need to make to the insurance company or doctor’s office may fit perfectly in between dropping off your kids at school and starting work. It may not take very long, but it will be one less distraction during your work day.
  2. Standardize your daily chores. Are there certain mundane tasks you do every day? Find a way to standardiz them. We standardize most every day tasks already. You likely brush your teeth exactly the same way every time. You probably drive the grocery store the same way. That’s because once we find the best way to do something, you might as well keep doing it that way till it becomes second nature. Try to find other areas of your life you can standardize, like say cleaning the house.
  3. Batch similar activities. Some things we do throughout the day can be “batched,” or all done at once. Imagine how much time and energy a factory would waster if it started and stopped its generator for each widget it made. It would be better to just start the machine once and make all the widgets in one “batch.” The common time-waster for most people is how often they check email. Every time you stop one activity to start to check email, you are wasting stop-start time. Most email can wait a day. If your work requires timely communication, tell people to text you instead.
  4. Also  tell people to only text you when it’s important. The biggest part of time management is avoiding interruptions. Productive time is productive time. Stick to the schedule so you can get the “Have to do” actions done as quickly as possible. That way you can get in more “want to do” actions.
  5. Time management is only half the equation of doing more of what you want in a day. The other half is deciding what you want to do. most people think they don’t have time for hobbies. That’s just because they don’t make time. Pick one new thing you want to do every day. Schedule it in and stick to that schedule as strictly as you would for work. It works.

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